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THE CURSED OFFICE is a closed-world adventure and action game. You will find many of the SCP Foundation's anomalies roaming the walls of the facility while you try to escape. The game can be played through in fifteen minutes on average. 

THE CURSED OFFICE is using Unreal Engine Four to run and is of now in its RELEASE form. There is much polishing to be done to the map and even more sound design to be perfected.

All SCPs found in the game can be credited on the SCP WIKI.

This is my first game, be gentle. All critiques are welcome



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DayZeroPatch 1.0.1.zip 668 MB
RELEASE 1.0.0 668 MB


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There is a giant floating rock and several hostile humanoids. What SCP's are those?


Was my first time playing an SCP game so the straight forward nature of the game helped. Maybe long-time fans of SCP would be looking for more details and different types of encounters. But I had fun. Thanks for making this!

I am going to try this game ONE MORE TIME. And if it says," Please unzip file. " I swear to god im gonna shove my foot so far up your ass that youll puke out your own shit.

It didn't happen to me :D


Not to be rude, But i didnt ask :<

Nice little game, rough around the edges but fun none the less. It definitely needs a few more mechanics and different scenarios. The gun could use some loading mechanisms and other "gun-stuff". But hey, I am a sucker for SCP-games, so good work haha


I loved it, i made a video on it and I was fun, it got me a few times too


Really liked the concept of a bunch of SCPs running around in the same office space. Little rough around the edges but still enjoyed! It's the second game I play in my video:


An interesting game. Had fun testing it.


Uhm, I cant open the game. What the fuck. it keeps saying "YOU MUST FIRST EXTRACT". Please fix it or tell me how im suppost to open the game because this is BS. i JUST literally reset my computer because i had viruses and if this gives me one, i swear im going full micheal myerse on your ass.


did you unzip the file?


Yes, and it wouldnt let me open it i kept spamming the play button. I even used an auto clicker! AN AUTO CLICKER.


Jeez dude just unzip the fil


I did, im not dumb shit head.

i know this was probaly 5 months ago but you better watch what you say because everyone herenon the internet takes things seriously dude i dont know if you ogot ove the game not starting or not but dude seriously calm down its just a game either way you look at it, its just a GAME you can just play another one do it or dont i dont give a crap but dont get mad at someone else just for this "error" 

You dont understand, If i had another virus on my computer, it would break. And it was 500 dollars. And right now my family cant aford to get me a new one. and yes. I am aware, but not EVERYONE takes things seriously. So please stop assuming the situation.

dont try me. im warning you dont. try. me. i can take things seriosly way far then you can imagine all you are becoming is a little tiny waste of time. and about that thing where not everyone takes things seriously...right....i completly agree....i completly agree that not all of us had a bad day or got mad a single time in their damn life...thats bull shit man belive it or not a lot of pepole do take things seriosly all of us have anger all of us have a deep love for something all of us have a soul dont waste your precious time with this BULLLSHIT THIS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! just look at what your saying!!! just look at yopurself!! stop.wasting.your. FUCKING TIME! your getting on MY nerves and probaly EVERYONE ELSES so stop. accept it. accept fate. you have a virus or not. terrific. im sure we all have.

This was quite interesting.
Certainly different from Containment Breach and other joke games.

I still enjoyed myself. I mean, I literally made a video about it.


I like that platform room best, good vibe. Will you expand this project?

I would love to as this game was so much fun to make, however I’m going to wait on the SCP genre again until after my current project.

Deleted 1 year ago

oh yeah...

Really enjoyed this! Great work. Would like more of the SCP universe in your vision.

well, that was different. I mean I like the sheep. I mean 1498

the red things are 939

the box is 1762

the sheep is 1498

I don't know what the other SCPs are.

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